Oregon Bicycle Accidents

Serious injury and even death can result from a bicycle accident, especially when a motor vehicle is involved.  Accidents like a bicycle wreck can cause a tremendous amount of stress.

The cost of medical care and time off from work, and the pain and suffering can really add up and cause serious problems for victims of bike accidents. No one wants to add the hassle of dealing with insurance companies and trying to receive a fair settlement.

Our job here at the Law Office of Richard Potter is to reduce that hassle and help you get the the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve.

Stats Involving Bicycle Accidents

In the United States, over 1,000 bicyclists die annually, and there are approximately 467,000 bicycle-related injuries including spinal, neck, back, knee, wrist, and elbow injuries from getting hit by a moving vehicle, and/or falling off of a moving bicycle.

According the the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), crash related injuries to bicyclists, both fatal and non-fatal, resulted in lifetime medical costs and productivity losses reaching $10B annually.

What to Do if You or A Loved One Has Been In A Bicycle Accident

  • Get medical attention if injured or wounded. When involved in a bike accident you or your loved one may be experiencing shock. Your safety and health is most important at that time and a trip to a licensed medical physician can help identify hard-to-notice injuries, including brain damage or internal organ damage. Known injury can also be assessed and treated.
  • Call a police officer to the scene of the bike accident to obtain an official report of the incident. Appropriate documentation can help you win necessary financial compensation.   
  • Obtain names and contact information of any persons witnessing the road bike accident.
  • Contact an experienced lawyer.  Richard Potter can provide you with answers to your bicycle collision questions and give you sound legal advice.

Finding the Right Bike Accident Lawyer

It is important to have an Eugene bike accident attorney on your side when financial strain creates losses and complicates potential earnings if you’re the victim of a bike accident injury.  Richard Potter, bicycle wreck attorney, will work compassionately and comprehensively to get you the largest cash settlement possible for your bike accident claim. Call the Law Office of Richard Potter for a free consultation at (541) 868-1646.