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The bond between a dog and their owner can be a very strong and loving one. Unfortunately even domesticated dogs have wild instincts and can act in unexpected ways.

Man’s best friend can become aggressive and can put innocent men women and children at risk by biting, attacking, and seriously injuring the victim.  Also, stray dogs can be the perpetrator of an attack an innocent people.

Dog Bite Stats

Approximately  4.5 million dog bites occur each year in the United States. Of the instances of dog bites 18% of men, women and children become infected with bacteria. Diseases such as Rabies, Pasteurella, MRSA, and Tetanus can be contracted from infection. Children fall victim to the highest rate of severe and lasting injury, and pain and suffering in cases of injurious dog attacks.

What to Do When Injured By A Dog Bite

It is important to first seek medical treatment for the dog bite victim as soon as possible following the bite K-9 attack. Seeking medical treatment is important for two main reasons- first, identifying and treating your injuries. Also, generating an official record describing the nature and extent of your injuries. This documentation may be helpful in determining compensation for your dog bite claim.  

  • Seek medical treatment for minor and severe dog bites.
  • Determine the rabies vaccine statues of the dog.
  • Collect written statements for any witnesses to the dog bite attack.
  • Contact the police for proper documentation of the attack by dog
  • Contact a personal injury lawyer

Oregon Dog Bite Law and Your Rights

The One Bite Rule in Oregon can be misleading due to its title.  Oregon has an atypical dog bite statute that holds dog owners strictly liable for the payment of only “economic damages.” As per the Oregon Revised Statutes, section 31.360 subdivision (1) provides that “[f]or the purpose of establishing a claim for economic damages, as defined in ORS 31.710 (Noneconomic damages), in an action arising from an injury caused by a dog: (a) The plaintiff need not prove that the owner of the dog could foresee that the dog would cause the injury; and (b) The owner of the dog may not assert as a defense that the owner could not foresee that the dog would cause the injury.” Due to the confusing nature of the statute, it is important to have an attorney with experience in litigating this type of case.  Richard Potter, Person Injury Attorney, will thoroughly investigate the fact-specific details of your case to get you the compensation you deserve.

Finding the Right Oregon Dog Bite Lawyer

Even the most well-behaved K-9 friend can behave in unpredictable, violent and even homicidal ways putting family, friends, and strangers in harm’s way.   The person harmed, injured or killed as a result of a dog attack requires the most effective lawyer in litigating your case.   Obtaining a free consultation from Richard Potter, Personal Injury Attorney will allow you to assess your rights and options. Please call the Law Office of Richard Potter at (541) 868-1646.