Eugene Nursing Home and Elder Abuse Attorney

The shock and dismay you experience when signs show that a loved one may be experiencing elder abuse is heart-wrenching and overwhelming.

Often times the family does not understand that there is abuse happening to their significant other, grandparent, relative or friend until injury or death has occurred.

So many cases of elder abuse go unreported, and there are many reasons for such low numbers of victim’s report of abuse. These include lack of cognitive ability, limited verbal capabilities, and even fear of caretaker retaliation.

Having a Eugene injury lawyer who understands the risks involved for the loved one you are trying to protect in an Oregon nursing home or long-care facility is imperative. Richard Potter is a lawyer who can strategize and plan the course of action – from investigative strategies, to identifying negligent treatment and abuse, to settling for the maximum claim.

Common Forms of Elder Abuse

  • Financial mistreatment buy family, close friends, or neighbors

  • Potential neglect

  • Emotional mistreatment

  • Physical mistreatment by caregivers and nursing home staff

  • Sexual mistreatment

  • Abandonment

Finding the Right Eugene Elder Abuse Lawyer

At the Law Office of Richard Potter, we can answer all of your questions and concerns regarding experience and representation of victims throughout Oregon of nursing home abuse, or abusive cases in convalescent hospitals or long-term care facilities. If someone you love has been victimized by elder abuse, we can help you bring closure to this devastating experience. Call us today at (541) 868-1646.