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Rich Potter is an experienced and successful accident lawyer in Eugene, and has resolved well over a thousand cases – recovering millions of dollars for his clients.

Summaries of some of Rich’s cases are briefly discussed below.  There are numerous variables specific to each case that determine the overall value of the case.  These factors include liability, injuries, type and length of treatment and any preexisting conditions.  The summaries listed below are for illustration purposes only, call for a private consultation to discuss your personal situation.

Useful information for victims and their families:


Information for all Oregonians seeking justice, from Restore Justice:

“The Restore Justice for Survivors coalition is a diverse group of allies calling on state lawmakers to protect the rights of Oregonians who have suffered injury due to the negligence of another by allowing juries to decide case by case justice based on the facts.” – from their website below.

Article updated March 1, 2017 on the possible elimination of the cap on non-economic damages for survivors:


Recent Case Results

$168,500 Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client was stopped at a railroad crossing that was not controlled by lights and/or barricades when she was rear ended by a large SUV. Due to her injuries, she was transported from the scene by ambulance to the emergency room. In the emergency room she was initially treated for the onset of severe headaches immediately following the collision in addition to neck, back and shoulder pain with overall pain radiating down her left side. Initially conservative treatment was prescribed which included physical and massage therapy. When that treatment failed, an MRI of her shoulder was done which revealed a rotator cuff tear. She was referred to an orthopedist who performed several cortisone injections that resolved her shoulder pain without the necessity of surgery. However, she continued to have significant neck pain. She was referred to a neurosurgeon who diagnosed her with a traction injury at several levels of her cervical discs. Ultimately she underwent cervical surgery which required several days of hospitalization because of the concern for cerebral spinal leakage. Our client’s medical bills exceeded $71,000.00 which we were able to get paid without our client having to pay any bills out of her pocket. Additionally, we were able to convince the providers and health carriers to either reduce or waive their balances and/or liens to maximize the money our client received.

$650,000 Pedestrian Accident

Our client was walking with her dog on the shoulder on the street where she lived.  When she was approximately one block from her house, a van veered off the road behind her and crashed into her throwing her a significant distance.  She sustained multiple injuries and endured multiple surgeries with a lengthy recovery.  The insurance company did not want to fairly compensate our client so a lawsuit was filed.  After filing the lawsuit and proceeding through discovery a settlement was reached at a mediation for more than three times what the insurance company previously offered.

$600,000 Wrongful Death Accident

Our client was one of several people killed in an accident when a vehicle lost control and collided with another vehicle.  The at-fault driver had limited insurance coverage and no additional assets.  The insurance company did not want to fairly compensate our client’s family.  Oregon caps the sum one can obtain for pain and suffering damages on wrongful death claims.   After filing, a difficult mediation session involving all parties was conducted in which Rich was able to secure $600,000 for our client’s family.  A value that exceeded the capped damages. 

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